lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Escape from alcatraz

Hair: [BURLEY]_Nayuta_Black
Hoodie fur: Legal Insanity - salvo hoodie fur -tartan petroil / black / brown
Jeans: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ White ~ MESH Jean#2

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: [MC] GFW-Andrea D-Cup
Jeans: [M.o.w] Knotted Jeans -[Grey]
Hoodie: [M] Knitt hoodie
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Anitta Flower
Earring, Necklace:[7891.] THESE LIPS COLLETION

3verything changes

Shape: shape Milly *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Farryn- Aloha [Moka] CL
Top: ::RA:: Tied Dingy Top [Gradient Floral]
Pants: *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Purple
Boots: Chuck Star PurplePlaid*Kapone*
Belt: *chronokit*  Belt 02 Pink
Earring, Necklace: [7891.] These Lips Mini Collection For Fi*Friday

sabato 29 dicembre 2012

Creation Damani!

Car: *Damani* Roadster 1.01 - red
Cat+ball: Kittenz II - 1.14 - red * Damani*
Shape: Shape Sofia *H&A*
Skin: : ) BCC. Manda Azalea Lip Teeth
Outfit: [I][I][M] the little black

venerdì 28 dicembre 2012


Dress: 1 Hundred. Detroit Dress. Red
Mask: Submiss Red Mask Mesh*SPH*
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Caviar Studded Boots
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop E.
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Feel it Necklace - Bronze

for special occasions

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Jasmine] M. 01 -
Dress: *SPH* BabyDoll Pink Dress
Headband: *SPH* Winter Pink Bow Headband-
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Green-Forest-Gold
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop Earring
Face Tattoo: Snow face *So&So*

giovedì 27 dicembre 2012


Left: (hair/facial hair)
Unorthodox Chin Patch
Unorthodox JolieDopa Ponytail Base
Unorthodox Crazy Freaked (facial hair)
Unorthodox Braided high ponytail

Center: (hair/facial hair)
Unorthodox Chin Patch
Unorthodox JolieDopa Ponytail Base
Unorthodox JolieDopa PonyTail

Right: (hair/facial hair)
Unorthodox JolieDopa Ponytail Base
Unorthodox JolieDopa PonyTail
Unorthodox Chinstrap 2

the streets

Skin: ::Modish:: Dunia -Nude-   Fair Lt
Jacket: [Foppish GG]Pleated Liner Leather Jacket{Xmas}
Pants: ~Cysleek =^.-=~ Aki Mesh Baggy Jeans (Light Blue)
Boots: Blackburns Spine Heel ~ Foot

Fair Goth for January 2013

in my office

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Lany  CL
T-shirt: [I][I][M] - Cordy-Lace Sweater WHITE
Mini skirt: [M.o.w] Leather Skirt -Silver

With friends

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: [MC] London Skin D-Cup Natural
Top: Legal Insanity - winter chic top vintage rose
Pants: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Leather ~ MESH Pants
Tattoo: [MC] Cyber Circle Tattoo-Black
Earring: [7891.] Salm - Gold
Kupi: [Manticore] Kupi v2
Tiger: [Manticore] Dark Siber - Orange - Red

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

the animals' home

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: : ) BCC. Suni Strawberry Lip Teeth
Lip Gloss: : ) BCC. Suni Lip Gloss Tattoo
Dress: *BeReckless* Iren Dress
Earring: [7891.] HBIC - Silver
Dog: Tiny Puppy(animal animated)

lunedì 24 dicembre 2012


Hello dear visitors, your blog will stop for a couple of days for the holidays, I leave you my best wishes. happy holidays. Merry Christmas to all!

..............✴♥✴................... ☆ ¸. ° ★☾❊    ° .  .☆. • ○☆ ° .*
............✴°☺° ✴ ............... ✝......  ☆° :. ☾ ☆  *  .~★ .  .  *~★
..........✴∩'♫'∩ ✴.............╔╩╗☆° :. ☾ ☆ :. ☾ ☆ ¸. °★☾ °★ ☾
........✴♫*♥*♫'✴...........║  ║◥██◣ ╱◥███◣.   *☆ ¸. ° ★☾
......✴°'ღ☆☾☯ '°✴........╱◥◣ ◥████◣田 田║  ° :. ☾ ☆ ¸.
.…✴°♫♫♥♫♫ °✴.......╱◥█◣║田 田║◥█████◣ ..*° :.☆¸.  ☺  
..✴°Θ.ღ☆☾☯Θ °.✴....║∩│田║田 田║  ║田 田 田║..........*.. .( . )
.................║║....................`•. *•.¸`•.¸ ¸.•´¸.•*.••.`•. *•.¸`•.¸ ¸..(.....).

                        "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR"

domenica 23 dicembre 2012

One purpose ... she...

Coat: [BuFu]Prod0.7_Winter_Coat_Shiny / Pink and Blue

Shape: Shape Rachel * H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - T - 04 - HB -
Dress: Legal Insanity - angelina flowerpower catsuit - beige

Simple and special

Shape:  Shape Giulia *H&A*
Dress: [I][I][M] - Merry X-mas Mini-Dress Blue Ligh
Skin:  -=>> G.C <<=-Gift- Hope- Tan-BB-Clv
Earrings:  ::RA:: The Beautiful Death [Earrings] OXI
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring gray-black-white-LEATHER

Shape:  Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Benny Skin- D Cup Skylight
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Purple-Pink-L.Purple-LEATHER
Dress: ::RA:: Contrast PullOver Dress [Plum]

sabato 22 dicembre 2012

in office

MEN (left):
Shirt: Legal Insanity - vincent suit shirt black
Pants: Legal Insanity - vincent suit pants  black
Shoes: Dino's Mens Work Rolled Boot Left Black W
Hair: [BURLEY]_Kenny_Black01

MEN (right)
Shirt: Legal Insanity - vincent suit tartan brown - shirt
Pants: Legal Insanity - vincent suit pants  tartan brown
Shoes: VBS`Mesh:Classic Form Buckle Shoes
Hair:::Exile:: Revolver:Raven

breathing freedom

Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: -=>> G.C <<=-Gift- Hope - Pale - RB - Clv
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs* GRuNGe TuRKeY - HanD

venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

the streets of brazil

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Sasha] M. 01 - Cl 01 -
Outfit: [M.o.w] Cute Outfit (Hud Texture Selector)
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Flag Slip On Shoes + Socks

free of any thought!

Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Trial Skin D-Cup Liquid
Hair: [y] Amelie - Light Blond
Top: [y] Standard Top
Jacket: [Foppish]Pleated Liner Leather Jacket{Black}
Jeans: Mesh_Ladies Skinny Low Rise Jeans ripped *Meli Imako*
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Flag Slip On Shoes + Socks
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs* GRuNGe TuRKeY

giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

the grove

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Bjork Skin A-Cup Hatred
Typing: *DS* Bubble Maker
Boots: [M.o.w] Hoodie - Black Faded
Boots: [M] Ankle boots
Dress: J.P.D Group Gift - Daring Mini Dress Special Edition


Wolf: [Manticore] Fenrir v2
Cat: [Manticore]White Cait v2

*The shop has many creatures in different colors.

mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Thinking of japan

Sweater: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Blue & Grey ~ MESH Sweaters
Jeans: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ White ~ MESH Jean#2
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*36(Black)

Shape: Shape jasmine *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Jenika [Moka] CL
Earring: [7891.] Chain Gang - Gold
Typing: *DS* Butterflies
Dress: ***Armony igs25 scarlett

Classic appointment

Sweater:..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~Double Black ~ MESH Turtleneck Sweater 
Jeans: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Dirty ~ MESH Jean#2 

Typing Game!

In this post I want to introduce a new article in the beautiful shop * DaeSigns*
a new tipyng :)
Visit the great shops, fo*DS* Game Toyr your whims curious*DS* Game ToyDS* Game Toy

Game: *DS* Game Toy

Use your head before you act

Shape: shape Milly *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - P - 01 -
Baggys: [IC] Rigged MESH Baggys .::Capri::.
Jacket: [M]  Belted Jacket
Shoes: [[>CaKe!<]]Heels White CH*

a day fairytale

Shape: shape Chanel*H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Mamba [Cioco]  clev
Necklace ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Autumn Necklace
Jeans: [[>CaKe!<]]Basic Jeans
Cardigan: [[>CaKe!<]]Cardigan Long Brown
Top: [[>CaKe!<]]Star Top Yellow
Earring: [7891.] Chain Gang - Gold
Bracelet: [7891.] Hue Mkay   - Gold
Shoes: *Cliche* Gia(brown) L 3.0

martedì 18 dicembre 2012

Cold in winter

Shape: Candida Shape*H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Elena skin CL
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Earring Bronze
Jacket: M.O.W Inflated Jacket -Violet
Pants: *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Purple

lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

is party...

Shape: Shape Sofia *H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Hope darktone sis CL
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Ebru Earring
Necklace: [7891.] Strike Necklace - Mixed Metals
Jacket: *BeReckless* Julia Leather Jacket Green
T-shirt: [Foppish]Ribbed Bow Cami{Olive}
Short: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Consumed Mini Shorts CAMO Urban W

I wear comfortable :P

Shape: shape Chanel*H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Jenika lt [Moka] CL+Jenika-SetA-lips 3
Jacket: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH hoodie jacket (Typo Lab)
Tights: [trs] Knit Tights - Ice Blue
Face Tattoo: SuPerBia - ShaDoWs 2 FaCe TaTToo
Spiral Nose: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SpiRaL NoSe*


Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*22*BT
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop E.
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Necklace Pink
Coat: [[>CaKe!<]]Duffle Coat-Black
Boots: ..::Energie::..  CARGO Boots
Corset,Dropped Panties: [M] Underbust Corset (wear&touch)
Mini skirt: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Mini Skirt Jeans Blue Woman
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs*  HanD
Pantyhose: [y] Nylon Pantyhose Ripped - Tattoo Layer

domenica 16 dicembre 2012

is coming...

Coat: [BuFu]Prod0.7_Winter_Coat_Shiny / Red
Jeans: [BuFu]Prod0.7_Mesh_Jeans_UltraCuffs_OriginalBlue
Sunglasses: Kapone Futurist sunglasses

I love hearing the sound of the sea

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - T - 02 - HB -
Dress: *BeReckless* Suzi Sweater *Mickey*
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop Earring 3
Tattoo Face: Snow face *So&So

Are you ready for the holidays?

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Apoca- [Crema] CL
Hair: [y] Adele Winter - Black
Face Tattoo: SuPerBia - AbSTraCt 2 FaCe TaTToo
Jeans: .::[F]uchOn::. Splashy Mesh Pants Dark
Coat: [BuFu]Prod0.7_Winter_Coat_Shiny / Red

sabato 15 dicembre 2012

Always in motion!

Shape: Shape Jessica*H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Niaka [Latte] CL
Outfit: ***ARMONY Igs24 4 Nights Leopard
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Caviar Studded Boots
Straps: SuPerBia - *SeT 4* StraPs - BLaCk
FaCe TaTToo: SuPerBia - HaLLoW FaCe TaTToo

venerdì 14 dicembre 2012

I like to travel tourist

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Jasmine] M. 02 - Cl 02 -
Blushe: *JeSyLiLO*:::Add on:::*DollBlushe 1
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Turquoise
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Earring Pink
Makeup: Eyelure - SMOKIN'  Shadows - Plums
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Rigged Boots Street F*uck
T-Shirt: [trs] Sloppy Joe *MESH* - Black
Belt: *chronokit*  Belt 02 Black
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *BanDs*
Jeans: Spirit Store - Vanessa rigged mesh jeans

Always colored!

Shape: Shape Denise*H&A*
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. Hope midtone 02/CL
Body: ::RA:: Happy Pills BodySuit [Tropical]
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Anitta Flower pumps
Rings: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Turquoise Leather
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Necklace Pink
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Earring Pink

giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Black or white!

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Able Skin D-Cup Lazer
Sweater: [M.o.w] Hood: ie Sweater - Black
Pants: Le*Se - Skinny Jeans Birthday (old gift)
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Black
Earring: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Chain Gang Earrings - Silver
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs 2* CLoWn TiPs

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012

I do not sleep and think of you

Shape: shape Candy*H&A*
Skin: [MC] Fectious Skin SYSP D-Cup Pinks
Blushe: *JeSyLiLO*:::Add on:::*DollBlushe 1
Dress: [J'adore] Belted Woolen Dress Pink
Feet: Blackburns Mesh Feet & Flip-Flops 3 Pair Set

:) Castle

Shape: Shape Jasmine*H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Gaia- Wish- [Moka] CL
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Autumn Necklace
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Eylul Earring
Jacket: [M]  Belted Jacket
Pants: *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Black
Face Tattoo: SuPerBia - CraCKeD FaCe TaTToo
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs 2* CLoWn TiPs V.2 - HanD
Boots: 19th C Lace-Up Bootie Black *Blackburns*

martedì 11 dicembre 2012

...Like wolves...

Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Natalia] - M -  HB -
Pants: [M.o.w] Ribbon Belt Pants -Pants change texture
T-shirt: [M] 3/4 Sleeves Shirt
Piercings: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 15* - FeMaLe
Feet Tattoo: SuPerBia - InDy SKuLL FeeT TaTToo
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs 2* CLoWn TiPs V.2 - HanD

At night the emotions seem more intense

Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::ExclusiveForstFair:::*LightSkin*1*BT
Outfit: Indyra Originals MESH: The Witching Hour
Boots: TEN"10 Megas boots

lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Santa Claus :)

Outfit: NS:: Santa Claus Avatar

Some say I have the quicksilver

Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Benny Skin- A Cup Strawberry Field
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Antique 2 Cross Necklace
Jacket: [M]  Bolero Jacket
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Pam heels Black
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PierCinGs*

domenica 9 dicembre 2012


Shape: Shape Jessica*H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Britney tone 1 natural CL+Freckles tattoo (full body)
Jacket: *BeReckless* Julia Leather Jacket Teal
Shoes: *BeReckless* Soul Pumps *December Group Gift
Earring: [7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Salm Earring - Gold
Pant: [trs] Knit Tights - Ice Blue

venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

Free to dream

Shape:Shape Giulia *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Maria] - PT - Group Gift - December -+ - Cleavage - PT -
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Antique 2 Cross Necklace
Watch bracelet: [7891.] Hue Mkay Set  - Gold
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh*
Top: [M] Peek-A-Boo Tank
Pants: *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants A.Leopard
Belt:  *chronokit*  Belt 02 Brown

I do not live without you!

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::ExclusiveWinterFair:::*LightSkin*2
Eyeliner: *JeSyLiLO*:::Add on:::*eyeliner black cat1 1
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Earring Pink Fi*Friday
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Necklace Pink Fi*Friday
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Ring Bronze
Dress: .:EC:. Sannah - ShapeMe
Watch: [7891.] Marc Watch - Black
Bag: >>Poison<< +Bal+A-Maya
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh*

I love the mechanics

Shape: Shape Adriana*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Sandy] - MP - 01 -
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Earring Pink
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Necklace Pink Fi*Friday
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Ring Bronze
Watch: [7891.] Marc Watch - Black
Shirt: [M.o.w] Lemon Boss Shirt - White/Pink
Pants: .::[F]uchOn::. Splashy Mesh Pants Dark
Shoes: [Cliche] Citta Stiletto (white)
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh*

giovedì 6 dicembre 2012

Where will you be?

Shape: shape Candy*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Piper] - P 01 - HB -
Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Whiplash blue jacket_mesh_female
Jeans: [trs] Skinnies *MESH* - Blueberry
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Chuck Shoes Street Urban

*Always the streets*

Shape: Shape Margherita *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Mime [Crema] CL
Sweater: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH zip up sweater [Typo Holic]
Mini Skirt: Mesh Side Slit Mini Skirt *Meli Imako*
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Rigged Boots Street F*uck 01

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012

Happy holidays to all

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::WinterFair2012:::GiftSkin
Eyebrows: *JeSyLiLO*:::Add on:::*Black Eyebrows Zima
Outfit: [J'adore] Xmas Group Gift

Talking to the moon!

Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::BlackFridaySale:::*LightSkin*BT
Eyebrows: *JeSyLiLO*:::Add on:::*Black Eyebrows Zima
Earring; ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wings Earring
Jacket: [M.o.w] Camel Check KitK Jacket
Bracelet: [7891.] Via Bracelet - Gold
Bag: ::RA:: MyFanny Clutch [Print-Blaq]Side