venerdì 30 novembre 2012

I need to feel good

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::ExclusiveWinterFair:::*LightSkin*1*BT
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Craving to Summer Earring & Bracelet
Corset: [M] Dirty back lacing corset (wear & touch)
Belt: [7891.] Ferry Champ Belt - Silver
Turban: [7891.] Hunty Turban - Elephants
Bracelet: [7891.] Via Bracelet - Silver
Necklace: [7891.] Via Necklace - Silver


Shape: shape Chanel*H&A*
Skin: [MC] Vicki 2 Skin A-Cup Hot Pink
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Craving to Summer Earring
Necklace: .:: BenS Beauty ::.. Find the Truth Necklace
Jeans: [Foppish]Ankle Crop Skinny-LightBlue
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Pam heels Black BAG
Cardigan: [M] Open Cardigan

A night at the local

Shape: shape Chanel*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - M - 01 - HB -
Hair: [y] - Danick - Black
Outfit: [y] Hazel Set - Ruby
Bag: NS:: Music Bag
Shoes: ..::Energie::..  Envie pumps  GIRAFFE BAG
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs*  HanD
Makeup: Eyelure  Sheer 1   Pink Makeup

giovedì 29 novembre 2012

"In my India"

Candida Shape*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Dana] M.P. 06 -
Outfit: ::FAC:: Hope Outfit  [includes rigged mesh]

It's almost Christmas...

Shape: shape Birba*H&A*
Skin: [MC] fi*fridays-Kenzie Skin D-Cup
T-shirt: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Sweater Simple College
Pants: ::7Style:: Cargo Pants underwear(old gift)
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Chuck Shoes Street Urban

Tranquility in the forest

Shape: Shape jasmine *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Dunia -Nude-   Fair clev Dk
Tank: [M] Naughty Mini tank FATPACK
Tattoo: Eyelure BACK PACK of Tattoos!! HEART BALLOON
Tattoo: Eyelure Tattoo               true love
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Eylul Earrings
Boots: ..::Energie::.. Nelly Boots  Gray BAG
Bracelet: >>>Poison<<< Motor skull bracelet_male & female
Jeans: BUID Jeans Blue Light (Lowrise ) Ripped

mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Between the classroom

Shape: shape Candy*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - M - 04 -
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Autumn Necklace
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Ebru Earring
Shirt: ::Fe Style:: Turquoise - Dots - Long Sleeve Shirt
Bracelet: >>>Poison<<< Motor skull bracelet_male & female
Short: [y] Denim Shorts
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh* (bag)

House homeless :O

Shape: Shape Rachel * H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Cindy Darktan nat CL
Eyes: : ) BCC. Papaya Eye Gray
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop E.
Bracelet: >>>Poison<<< Motor skull bracelet_male & female
Outfit:::Zup:: Winter Mesh Outfit
Boots: *Blackburns* Military Mesh Boot Chocolate Sm
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh*

martedì 27 novembre 2012

My house

Shape: Shape Sofia *H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Asia] - M - 01 -
Dress: Blush. Lady Dresse Print
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Anitta Flower  pumps
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. GROUP GIFT
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *PoLiSh* (bag)


Shape Chanel*H&A*


Shape Milly*H&A*


Shape Jasmine*H&A*


Shape Camilla*H&A*


Shape Sofia*H&A*


Shape Rachel*H&A*


Miss Shape *H&A*


Shape Adriana *H&A*


Shape Birba*H&A*


Shape Vany *H&A*

"*Wiky* Shape"


Forma Wiky * H & A *

"Candida" Shape


Candida Shape * H & A *

To the moon

Shape: Shape Wiky *H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Dunia -Nude-   Choco clev Dk
Necklace:..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Antique 2 Cross Necklace
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop Earring
Sweater: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Sweater Super Hero EXCLUSIVE GOLD
Pant: [Foppish]Floral Ankle Crop-{Black}
Shoes: [IC] Mesh High Heels .:: Vhatyx::.

The bench!

Shape: shape Milly *H&A*
Skin: [MC] Silvania Skin D-Cup Violet
Ring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Ring Silver
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Pretty Butterfly Earring Silve
Jeans: .:InkMe:.Myste Jeans Cuff Grey
Hoodie: (for men's)[M.o.w] Grey Men's Hoodie

Old photo

Shape: Shape Adriana*H&A*
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Star skin CL
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop E.
Trench: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Shades of Grey ~ MESH Trench Coat
Shoes: [Cliche] Nikita 2.1
Eyes: : ) BCC. Papaya Eye Brown

lunedì 26 novembre 2012

Breathe life

Shape: Shape Adriana *A&H*(Contact me: Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: ::Modish:: Murra Tan Lt
Top: .:: [F]uchOn ::. Top Gift SIF
Eyeliner: Eyelure Double Black Eyeliner
Jeans: [trs] Skinnies *MESH* - Pebble
Shoes: Blackburns Tread Strap Open Toe Stilettos White Colorable
Spiral Nose: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SpiRaL NoSe*

domenica 25 novembre 2012

Choose a matching colored

Shape : Shape wiky *A&H* (Contact me: Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - M - 06 - HB -
Outfit: ***ArisAris Igs20 Myself 2
Boots: Blackburns Tribal R-Mesh Rainbow Stomper Boots with Pom Poms


Shape: Shape Vanya*A&H*( Contact me: Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: ::Modish:: NoDoubt- [Moka] CL
Outfit: Blush. Undies Leo all colors
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Caviar Studded Boots

sabato 24 novembre 2012


Shape: Candida Shape* A&H*( Contact me:  Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: -Poudre- [Jasmine] M. 04 - Cl 01 -
Top: .::{F]uchOn::. Lady Gaga Top Rose
Pants: .::{F]uchOn::. Lady Gaga Pants White
Shoes: [Cliche] Culprit

The quiet...

Shape: curves Shape *A&H* contact me!(Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: [MC] Tia Skin-A-Cup Slut
T-shirt:: .::[F]uchOn::. Baby Bugs Bunny Tee
Mini Skirt: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Mini Skirt Jeans Blue Woman
Boots: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Chuck Cool Version HUD UNISEX
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs* GRuNGe TuRKeY

Life sentence

Shape: Shape Camilla*A&H*(Contact me: Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anais Tan 04 CL
Top: *So&So*L'ergastolo top size
Skirt: [M.o.w] Black Camo Country Skirt
Boots: Blackburns Work Boots Mesh Unisex ~ Black
Lipstick: ::Modish:: Kaya.Lipstick.- SetA-3

venerdì 23 novembre 2012

First floor :P

Shape: shape milly *A&H* CONTACT ME! ( Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: -Poudre- [Jesse] - Group Gift - PT -
Boots: Blackburns Wellington R-Mesh Colorable Boots Unisex
T-shirt: [Foppish]Ribbed Bow Cami{Olive}
Belt: +Bal+ Spiked belt_brown_female* Poisn*
Piercings: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 13* FeMaLe
Leggins: ::Zup:: *Leggings* - Leo Green


SHAPE:  Shape Camilla*A&H* contact me! (Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: [MC] Silvania Skin A-Cup Cyan
Body: Blush. Sexy Combi Print
Boots: * UPDATED Blackburns Pampered Leather Strap & Ring Boots
Pants: .::[F]uchOn ::. Pants Denim Blue
Coat: [Foppish]Bicolor W Coat{Black}
Bandface: SuPerBia BanD FaCe TaTToo
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs* GRuNGe TuRKeY

giovedì 22 novembre 2012

Live fashion

SHAPE: shape Birba*A&H* Contact me!New ( Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: ::Modish:: NoDoubt- [Moka] CL
Cardigan: [Foppish]Riders Cardigan-{Black}
Shorts: [M.o.w] Light Blue Denim Shorts
Hat: Mesh_Cat Hat Light Black *Meli Imako*
Shoes: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Chuck Shoes Street Urban
Scarf: $$ - NyTrO - $$ Urban Wool Scarf WOMAN

*A perfect shape*

Shape: *NEWWW*shape chanel*A&H* Contact me! (Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: [MC] GFW-Page Skin D-Cup
Spikes: SuPerBia *SpiKeS RinGs* HanD
Piercings: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 14* - FeMaLe
Tongue: Tongue with clip *Tentacio*

*Simply beautiful*

SHAPE: Contact Me: Shape jasmine *A&H* NEWW(Alessandra Dirkle)
Skin: [MC] fi*fridays-Kenzie Skin D-Cup
Dress: [MC] Sneak Peak [MESH] Dress-Smoke
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Envy Boots Black-White-Mesh
Sweater: [M.o.w] Black Open Sweater Promo* 50l*
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs*  HanD

mercoledì 21 novembre 2012

*New shape*

Shape: Miss shape *A&H* NEWWWW contact me: "Alessandra Dirkle"

Skin: ::Modish:: Dunia -Nude-  Sunkiss Dk clev

Lingerie: " MAAI " - " Rose " sweet lingerie set, gray

A wonderful day

Skin: [MC] TSIF Cin Skin-D-Cup Label
MiniSkirt: *S* Sexy MiniSkirt  COLORABLE BY HUD
Sweater: [M.o.w] Cream Open Sweater
Boots: * .:: deeR ::. * open ankle boots platform [Multi-Texture]

The wagon in the snow

Skin: ::Modish:: NoDoubt-Zelous-  Fair
Lipstick: ::Modish:: Kaya.Lipstick.- SetA-3
Piercing: [IC] Piercing Set .::Stattom::.with Shadows (nose)
Vest: [IC] Rigged MESH Padded Vest .::Biodox::

So what? you say?

Skin: [MC] Tia Skin-A-Cup Street Corner
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair  "Diva2" (Garnet)Group Gift
Sweater: [J'adore] Sweater Stars
Jeans: NS:: Low Rise  Pink Mesh Jeans
Boots: Chuck Star PurplePlaid*Kapone*
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *PierCinGs*  HanD

martedì 20 novembre 2012

Colors colors

Skin: : ) BCC. [Coffee] Tomato Pink
Dress: --Submissions girls -- Dress Seduced
Boots: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH knee boots [Multi-Colors]
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Gloria Mesh Hair - Night shadow

I can not do without you

Skin: [MC] Falicity 2 Skin D-Cup Violet
Top: Top Mesh RIGGED::zup::
Cardigan: .:Useful Things:. hanging cardigan mesh black
Jeans: NS::  Ripped jean Mesh_Low Jeans
Shoes: [Cliche] Nikita L 2.1
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs*  HanD

lunedì 19 novembre 2012

Sensual at all times

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Isabella mid tone 3* CL
Dress: *BeReckless* Alisha Mesh Dress
Shoes: Mesh Open Toe Stiletto Black*Blackburns*

A colorful world

Skin: [DoLLsHiT] Katrina - DeepTan+[DoLLsHiT] Katrina - DeepTan - Cleav.
Shape: [DoLLsHiT] Shape Elen
Top: Eyelure Hot Crop Top - Charcoal LOVE
Skirt: ..::Drunk Devil::..  ~ Black Brown ~ Skirt MESH
Boots: Military Mesh Boot Black Sm*Blackburns*
Hair: >TRUTH< Jessie -  dark browns

(Military post)

Skin: -Poudre- [Sandy] - MP - 05 -
Jeans: Mesh_Ladies Skinny Low Rise Jeans ripped *Meli Imako*
Jacket: Mesh_Ladies Military Jacket *Meli Imako*

venerdì 16 novembre 2012

Desire in gray

Skin: ::Modish::Lulu -Rage- [Moka] CL
Highwaist: [trs] for FQ - Highwaist Pants (antique white)
Boots: * .:: deeR ::. * open ankle boots platform [Multi-Texture]

Sweater: : ) BCC. Pepe Sweater White

Ice cubes!

Skin: ::Modish::Lulu -Rage- [Cappucio] CL
Top: [IC] Mesh Tube Top .::Lipmotion::.
Short: [trs] Denim Shorts - Camo
Juno: *So&So* Juno M FULL PERM
Shoes: *BeReckless* Dayanna Mesh Slip-on #1 Female

High fashion model

Skin: [MC] Nessa Skin fi*fridays D-Cup
Pullover: [[>CaKe!<[[Cropped Pullover Pink(trans)-
Skirt: : ) BCC. Minimini Skirt Pink
Shoes: Gia(black) L 3.0 *Cliche*

An old photo!

Skin: ::Modish::Lulu -Rage- [Latte] CL *Group Gift*
Glasses: ::Zup:: Mesh Glasses Nerd
Shorts: HighwaistShort- ::zup::
Shoes: ::Zup:: Mesh heels - Checked Purple
Top+ Shirt: ::Zup:: Mesh Shirt+Top - Striped Purple
Pantyhose: [y] Nylon Pantyhose Ripped - Tattoo Layer

giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Today I think to myself

Skin; -Poudre- [Jasmine] M. 02 - Cl 02 -
Scarf: [[>CaKe!<]]Cowl scarf Stripy Brown
Body: --submissions girls-- BodyZip (brown)
Boots: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH knee boots [Multi-Colors]
Shorts: [M.o.w] Animal Denim Shorts
Hair: ::Exile:: Secret Summer:Moreno