giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

scary road

Skin: [MC] Selentril Skin A-Cup Rose
Shape: SuPerBia - KaaMLa >LoLa'S<
Pants: *JeSyLiLO*::GentlPants::Black
Tattoo Face: SuPerBia - WaRs 3 FaCe TaTToo
Boots: Blackburns  Zip Strap Mesh Bootie Stilettos
Vest: [M] Open Vest *F A T P A C K

mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

are not a clown


Boots: Blackburns Army Boots Mesh Black & Roses
Teeth: Pink Acid Plumped Lippy V2 & Teeth - Red
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Alara Necklace Fatpack


Dress: ..:: E d e n. ::.. Groupgift

martedì 26 febbraio 2013

Sever separated

Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] Blue T Scribs Skinny Jeans Mens [MESH]
Hair: Unorthodox Basic line up (black)
Jacket/shirt: [Exiled Inc.] Camo Blue Open Vest w/ Shirt [MESH]

Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Alara Necklace Brown
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Signs Earring Gold
Scarf&boots: ..:: E d e n. ::..Ugg Boots & scarf(knitted tan)
Shirt+Hoodie: {N} - Hoodie+Shirt (Mint)
Suspenders: .:InkMe:. Grey Suspenders Skinny Pants
Pants: .:InkMe:.Skinny Pants Grey
Teeth+ Lip: Pink Acid Plumped Lippy V2 & Teeth - Red
Make up: Pink Acid Runway Diva Eye Makeup - Teal

Two innovative styles

Sweatpants: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Red & Black ~ MESH Sweatpants
Jacket/shirt: [Exiled Inc.] Black Jean Grey Open Vest w/ Shirt [MESH]
Hair: Unorthodox  Light Stubble Line Up (Tintable)

Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] White Skelly Baggy Jeans Mens [MESH]
Jacket/shirt: [Exiled Inc.] Camo Ribs Open Vest w/ Shirt [MESH]
Hair: Unorthodox Basic line up (black)

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

domenica 24 febbraio 2013

waiting for the spring

Top: [M] TiedTop * F A T P A C K  *  (wear&touch)
Pants: [[>CaKe!<]]Ck Leather Pants Blue -Mesh
Boots: Blackburns Steamy Color Strap Laced  Mesh Heels

The road at night

Dress: [M.o.w] Uma Tank
Jacket: ::RA:: Incision Blazer [Houndstooth]
Shoes: Blackburns Mesh 45 Cal. Stilettos & Pistols
Lip stick: Pink Acid Collagen Lips - Magenta

venerdì 22 febbraio 2013

My bedroom colored

Skin: -POUDRE- Helena - M - Forbidden Closet -
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Found Earring Fatpack - Fi*Friday
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Found Necklace Fatpack - Fi*Friday
Top: Legal Insanity - britty lace tank beige - lolas/tango applier
Skirt: Legal Insanity - minnie jeans mini skirt - blue
Makeup: Pink Acid Black Lip Gloss - Licorice
Boots: Pink Acid Jackie Wedge - Bubble Gum Pink Velvet

giovedì 21 febbraio 2013



Tank: Legal Insanity - jerry tank knitted cotton petroil
Cropped: [Exiled Inc.] Light Blue Grunge Capris Mens [MESH]
Shoes: [BuFu]Prod0.7_MESH_Shoe_Swag_V2
Sunglasses: Legal Insanity - Gael Sunglasses Men Silver
Hair: Unorthodox Wave 17 (Lighter)


Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Amor:::*LightSkin*J3*BT +:::Add on:::*eyeliner black cat2 1
Dress: ..:: E ::.. Tease long sweater(black)
Boots: [M] Knee High Boots *Brown Leather* (wear&touch)
Lips: Pink Acid Blow Lips V2 - Magenta

A beautiful sunset

Top: *So&So*Marine Green Top
Makeup: Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup - Bubble Gum Pink
Pants: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH flair pants #2 [MULTI-VERSION] BOXED
Necklace, Earrings, Bang: [7891.] Volup Collection for Fi*Friday

martedì 19 febbraio 2013

(A) as Alessandra

Dress: %.:EC:. Box Mylane
Shoes: {T a r a} MARIE ANTOINETTE Pump Shoes Origen

there are those who say that the friendship between man and woman does not exist! is not so!

This photo was taken with my friend, the singer live in Second Life (Dennis) Some people say that men and women can not be friends, but they are wrong.


Skin: ::Modish:: Herra [Cioco]  CL
Lips: ::Modish:: Niaka lips Set B 7
Bracelet: [7891.] Cross Effect Bracelet - Rose Gold
Dress: *JeSyLiLO*:::MiniDollDress:::*pink
Shoes: {T a r a} MARIE ANTOINETTE Pump Shoes Origen


Jeans: AsHmOoT_MESH_Mens Skinny Jeans_L.Blue
Shirt: AsHmOoT_MESH_Flannel Shirt_Red&Blue

I have only one thought, and it's you

Shirt: [Exiled Inc.] Grey Nerd Sex Hoodie & Shirt [MESH]
Pants & belt: [M.o.w] Action Capris Fem -GREY-  [Bag Wear]
Sunglasses: Legal Insanity - Gael Sunglasses Women Black
Shoes: {T a r a} MARIE ANTOINETTE Pump Shoes Origen

domenica 17 febbraio 2013

which style you choose?

Skin: Chloe_Pale_freckles_no cleavage_Swimming AIMI
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Damla Earring
Scarf: [ZD] MESH TUBESCARF - black knit
Lipstick: Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick SFW Edition- Rose Pink
Body: Blush. My hot body
Skirt: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH ruby skirt #1 [Multi-Version] BOXED

sabato 16 febbraio 2013

Heated by the rays

Skin: ::Modish:: Herra [Cioco]  CL
Lip: Pink Acid Plumpy Lip Stain - Pink 01
Shirt: *JeSyLiLO*:::ShirtDoubleSmarTVest:::*Red
Skirt: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH ruby skirt #1 [Multi-Version] BOXED
Boots: [Cliche] Pilar boots (studs)

venerdì 15 febbraio 2013

And knocked on the moon...

Dress: [Exiled Inc.] Red Grunge Lovin' Dress [MESH]
Lipstick: Pink Acid Blow Lips - Red 03


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Daniela sunkissed CL
Hair: [y] Yummy - Light Brown
Tattoo: ::Fe Style:: Heart Tattoo
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Wish Earring Silver
Neccklace & bangles: [7891.] Kate Necklaces && Sprit Bangles for Fi*Friday
Dress: [Exiled Inc.] Black Swirl Tia Dress [MESH]
Boots: [Cliche] Pilar boots (studs)
Lipstick: Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick SFW Edition- Bubble Gum

mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Free as a butterfly

Freedom lies in feel free to do what you want, within the limits! I feel a butterfly free to dream!

Outfit: AsHmOoT_Wcoll_Hilary Outfit

martedì 12 febbraio 2013

Do not lie

Skin+ Corset+ mask: [MC] Valdra Pink Avi-February Special
Jeans: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Bad Girl Jeans BLUE
Necklace: [7891.] City Necklace - Silver
Ring: [7891.] Dope Ring - Silver
Hair: [y] Simplicity - Brown Group Gift

The rain falls

Skin: -POUDRE- [Plume] - 05 - T -
Dress: [M.o.w] Denim Jumper
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Envy Boots Black-Black-Mesh(Wear me)
Hair: [y] Marry - Black
Lipstick: Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick SFW Edition- Lavendar
Scarf: [ZD] MESH TUBESCARF - vintage flowers
Glasses: kapone sunglasse VL pinkGold

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013


I love exploring nature, is my favorite pastime! I always try to make contact with nature, because it speaks to me.
try it yourself for a moment to listen to nature
Shape: Shape Adriana *H&A*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*22*BT
Hair: [y] Breathe  - Brown
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Lovely Bear Necklace - VALENTINE GIFT
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Artistic Hoop Earring 5
Make up: Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup - Bubble Gum Pink
Leggings: Pink Acid Rainbow Leopard Leggings
Boots: Pink Acid Pumpkin Wedge -Violet
Top: [I][I][M] - Cross Top Pink (wear me!!!)
Short: [I][I][M] - Jeans-Lace Shorty Blue (wear me!!!)

venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

The cold does not go away!

Skin: ::Modish:: Miana [Coffee]
Hair: [y] Bow - Black (Black Ribbon)
Jeans: [M.o.w] Utopia F Jeans -BLACK

In the fog

Skin: Danielle_Chocolate_freckles_Cleavage_Passionate {AIMI}
Make up: Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup - Pearl Pink
Hair: [y] Bow - White (Black Ribbon)
Tank: [Exiled Inc.] Cross Racerback Tank [MESH]
Jeans: [M.o.w] Utopia F Jeans -Blue
Boots: [[>CaKe!<]]Jordan Black Boots.Mesh(Wear me)

giovedì 7 febbraio 2013

During the journey


Shape: Shape Jessica*H&A*
Skin: ::Modish:: Lotus- east- [Cappucio]
Hoodie: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Ghetto Hoodie Woman GREEN (Box)
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Damla Earring
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Damla Necklace


Shape: shape Chanel*H&A*
Skin: -Poudre- [Kerly] - P - 06 -
T-Shirt: ..::Drunk Devil::.. ~ February ~ F. Group Gift
Nails: SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs*  HanD

In the clouds

Shape: shape Milly *H&A*
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Damla Necklace
Eyeliner& mole: Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner & Mole
Lip gloss: Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lip Gloss + Teeth - Pink 1
Skin: ::Modish:: Lotus- east- [Cappucio]
Shirt: ::Zup:: Shirt Mesh - Leo Cross White
Jeans: [I][I][M] Jeans Lightblue
Sneakers: [IC] MESH Prince Sneakers .::Grey::. w. Resizer UNISEX

A trip out of the house

Hair: [Atro Patena] - Johan_Black
Jacket: Legal Insanity - max biker jacket earth
Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] Grey Torn Scribs Skinny Jeans Mens [MESH]

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

Choose the right path!

Skin: -POUDRE- [Morgan] - M - Limited Edition - Only 99L$ -
Top: .:InkMe:.Top Short Green
Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] Black Skinny Jeans Womens [MESH]

martedì 5 febbraio 2013

under the reflection of the sun

Skin: [MC] Sin Skin A-Cup Purple
Dress: ...:InkMe:.Niki Dress Chocolate(WEAR ME!)+
Earring: [7891.] Hage Cross - Gold
Necklace: [7891.] Hage Cross Necklace - Gold
Boots: [Cliche] Pilar boots

Ready to train

Hair: Unorthodox Steelo Dreads FULL Black
Facial hair: Unorthodox Full Beard 8
Hoodie: Legal Insanity - Liam hoodie silver
Pants: Legal Insanity - Liam joggers pants silver

lunedì 4 febbraio 2013

Street boy

Facial hair: UNORTHODOX Full Beard 8
Hoodie: Kapone MESH Hoodie DETROIT
Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] Black Baggy Jeans Mens [MESH]

I keep telling myself that I have a hard head like a wall

Skin: Abeo_SK_No Freckles_Cleavage_Nylon eyebrow_Aquadisiac
Coat: Legal Insanity - Vale fur coat - mink orange
Eyeliner , Blush & lipstick: Pink Acid Bella Metallic Eyeliner, Blush & Rose Lipstick -Red
Eyeliner: Pink Acid Bella Metallic Eyeliner - Blue
Nails: SuPerBia-NaiLs - *BanDs*

domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Are always nervous

Shape : Shape Rachel * H&A*
Skin: -VERSHE: Aubry : Black - Natural
Pants: [Exiled Inc.] Black Skelly Skinny Pants [MESH]
Cardigan: Legal Insanity - girls - black cardigan group gift
Shoes: *VERSHE* Stackas: Black Suade
Earring: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Damla Earring
Ring & Bracelet: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Shiny Cross Ring & Bracelet

sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Sexy policewoman

Skin: Lauren skin Group Gift *AIMI*
Shape: Shape Giulia *H&A*
Outfit: [y] My Sexy Micro T-shirts - FUCK ME
Bracelet: witchery Bracelet*SPH*
Gun: Killer League *SPH*
Tie: Intense Tie black *SPH*
Eyeliner: Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner
Lip gloss: Pink Acid City Slicks Lip Gloss - Caramel

Free style

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Lucy tan CL
Jacket: *chronokit* Fabre Jacket Check Blue <Ledies >
Jeans: [Exiled Inc.] Black Baggy Jeans Womens [MESH]
Lipstick: Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick SFW Edition- Sea Blue

venerdì 1 febbraio 2013


Skin: [MC] Tracker Skin D Cup-Pond
Eyeliner: Pink Acid Bella Metallic Eyeliner - Blue
Make up Eyeliner: Pink Acid Fierce Kitty Face Make-Up- (eyeliner only)
Leggings: Pink Acid Rainbow Leopard Leggings
Lip Gloss: Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 - Pink
Boots: Pink Acid Pumpkin High Fashion Wedge Boots Pack <3
Gloss: Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 - Red Valentine
Shirt: [M] (10/12) 3/4 Sleeves Shirt

Delicate like a flower

 Skin: -POUDRE- [Plume] - Cleavage 02 - P -
Outfit: [I][I][M] Womanstuff Gift February
Bangle: [7891.] Mining Bangle - Rose Gold
Earring: [7891.] Mining - Rose Gold
Eye Makeup: Pink Acid Runway Diva Eye Makeup - Bronze
Gloss: Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 - Red Valentine